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Jan. 6th, 2008 03:46 pm flavor of love

the flavor of love is a bitter salt

it is not substantial on its own

its best served

scattered like dust accross everything.

enhancing the taste.

making fuller the life

we devour

with our eyes

with our ears

and with our

ever impressionable inertia

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Dec. 17th, 2007 03:28 pm Atamosk Canti and the ambient Quarentine

"this is blue phoenix,first class patrol officer of the space police brotherhood,
Stardate 0169, Project Earth Agent 420, Report the outbreak of an enemy element, Serial Number Is.......Obscured"
I know Something I proably Should/will not tell you but
When I do/when I Find you
Promise me this one thing and Humor me with this request
when it all falls unto your ears and your eyes tear up
while the world fades out as the fog sets in and your lost again
dont you dare close those eyes they'll shine and glisten
bright enough for me to find you

The Rain Is Coming to wash away this whole damn Town
Quarintine! we'll Quarintine With Turpentine For All
The Rain is Coming to Quarintine Everything.

I'm a cosmonaught, I'm Freaking Out, I need outer Space
This Oxygen is Growing thin and Now I can Breath
I'll be alright as a satellite, I'll follow you around
Invisably In Obscurity, Thats where you'll Find Me
I'm In Outer Space And I'm Falling
With eye's Set straight on you

"mayday! This is blue Fuckin Phoenix Reporting Turbulence,
And I fear this Message Will Be My Last"
End transmission To Phantom Planet In a distant Sky
Maybe they'll belive that I'm dead and let me live Peacefully
Atomosk, CanTi Quarintine.
At Most cant He QuarenTine

The blue Phoenix Reports
"Agent 4.2.0. - Project earth"
"StarDate - 0619780 "
"The target has last been spotted in the middle of a domestic dispute.But we've lost her, we have unofficial consent to follow through but i cant send miles of torpedo's into a cul de sac. she's somewhere in the desert but her serial number is Obscued,"
Taking cover in the rain clouds, The Blue Phoenix watches her and them scatter, forced into shelter and finding comfort in the rain. she sits @ the window with eye's like a showroom floor, and a child on her lap.
She teaches her Daughter about the water cycle, and how "we all, if only for a moment fall from the Sky, over and over again."
Not anticipation a Child to be forced into the equation the blue phoenix is hesitated.
As the rain continues to pour down. He wonders why he is even thinking of pirating his consignment with such undeserving controban, And with such ugly Intentions.
"HEllo, Captin The Moloch....She..... is Of No Concern..........I'm, Experiencing Turbulance............I fear this transmission .......... Will Be mY...........LAst..... "
He dives the nose strait through the atmosphere clutching the eject button, The end result of having too much to think. Will the end's justify the means of is thie the unjustafiable end.
"I've done my best......... I wont abandon my ship she's all I got left........ Reporting............. the......... Outbreak....of an enemy element.................May Day........... MAy Day........ this Is The Blue FucKin Phoenix ........... Losing.....Altitude.......... Coming Down......MAY FUCKIN DAY,...... ............ .. Tell My Wife and Kid;s I....................................................................."
on a distant planet Questions arise. Is the terminal core is still functioning? Did our Hero just take the dive? Was the cargo aboard? And what will become of the widowed? Well then, with no sacrafice to apease the animals that stretch across these anthills, tonight the rebels Revolt And the moon shine with disgust untill the loyalists are no more, Such an ugly end to such a noble bloodline.so appropreatly, Come Dawn Will the Red sun Rise?

recovering from a Self-inflicted Collision Standing tall amongst the Rubble. now Alone and marooned on an unInviting Planet. The Blue Phoenix Watches The Dusk With tremoultious eyes.He Decides to Make Sure That "Someday I Will Return Home With Cargo and Controban, To a Home Free Of war, Saving The Bloodline He Was sent to Sacrafice, He awaits The Arrival Of others. And How many will Be Sent? And How MAny Will Be LEft?
Oh God What Have I become?"
Lurcking undetected He Decides to make this Whore of a planet his new Home Untill He is Ready to emmerge from the Shadow's. as Hero and Guilty PArty. I Hope That Will Be Enough To Save us From What we Are. And What will Become Of the widowed?
How to introduce himself to his reason for faking his death, betraying his, their home planet. What facade will he wear, if any at all. What mask Will he choke on.
"I know something I probably should not tell you but if I do,Why know something could not tell you, When I find you, and when I do promise me this one thing. then Humor me with this request, when it all falls unto your ears, and your eye's tear up, and the world fades out, as the fog set's in and your lost again............
Dont you Dare Close Thoses Eye's."

Its Not finished I just needed some vauge archetypal structure to follow, but yeah that the story behing the song Atamosk Canti and The ambient Quarintine.
Tell me if it's any good and where need's more detail and which vauge attempts at literary genius defected over well from the mind behind this keyboard.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: the robot ate me - on vacation

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Nov. 27th, 2007 02:04 pm Writer's Block: Warning:

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
May Create Lack of Creativity

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Nov. 27th, 2007 01:53 pm Strike That One From The RECORD

    Water Water Every Where and not a drop to drink

 I could but i wont, I shouldnt But I will
Why All these stipulations on the simpler things in this world

My LIFE..........My LOVE....Where Are They Now?
The More the Pain becomes apparent
The more my instinct for life asserts itself

Abort!  Abort!  Abort!

The operation was a success
     Your No Longer an Invalid .

I'm Writing you This Letter, To Let you Know......NOTHING HERE HAS CHANGED

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Sep. 12th, 2005 10:54 pm Back in The NeverENDER

So Last saturday, I got a call from a friend, who wanted to know if I wanted to play(music) and I said yeah but my car is @ my cousins(because it rained allot the prior day's and I drove my car through every puddle i could see, turns out muddy water is bad for your car) So I got picked up and we Went to the visitors Center(not Dylans like usuall) And he said we were playing There for A Fundraiser. We were to open and We had Apporx. 15 minutes of fame. We Played 2 originals, then we rocked out At the Drive-in's "ONE ARMED SCISSOR". Then came like 4 Metal bands that all said that we were insane. After the show was the after PARTY.
Which consisted of Me Dylan, Vince, Ramone, and 2 member of breed apart burning the weeds I stacked earlier, Then after Jumping over the fire in a Dare we Won money to go get food and ciggarettes. Then the party was infront of ramones trunk where all the munchies were. After randomly busting out in song(vanilla ice, and mc hammer) @ 3something in the morning, we all thought it was a good idea to stop the song and dance and go hang out in the chicken coope, After about 11 ciggarettes, and a good full hour of cock jokes, and pecks, and smarties, and A little beastiality(dont worry no pennetration, just a kiss) we all came to the conclusion, that none of us can remember seeing the sun come up in monument valley, so we hopped back in the car, and Hit the highway.
After asking a drunk couple staggering home we found out we were about an hour and 1/2 early for the sunrise, and the park entrance opening.
Luckily there was a Carwash/LaundryMatt/playground/all Night Chill Spot. We told scarry stories, foundout who caused all the murders when we were little(a troll, he left a pouch in a friends house,and when a medecine man said these shouldnt exsist anymore, and a teacher was saying it was a troll and that she had seen it, and a cop went crazy and said he saw it we put all the stories together and came to this conclusion.)
So............ with 3 ciggarettes left we Jumped the fence and walked to the viewing station, it was Foggy, still Dark the stars just barely retreating further west. It was Perfect, the sliver of Gold opening up into a Blinding display of love and light in a matter of seconds.
As I Pulled into my driveway I remembered i was supposed to pack lastnight so my family could leave early in the mouring. this did not happen, So I busted ass on no sleep and sent them packin. I went to my car and lt started after a couple taps of tough love.

Current Mood: crushedcrushed

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Sep. 2nd, 2005 01:50 am And then there was tomorrow

My grandpa(medicine man,code talker,over all badass) asked me to go with him to his old sheep camp, and he asked me to do a prayer for him because he has been having this reaccuring dream about him looking for something he can never find. I dont think he sees the connection but he told me about one of his only toys when he was little, was a rubber ball he would carry around hearding sheep. one day he hit it with a stick and lost it right by his house and never found it. I think as a child he always had an eye out for the ball in the back of his mind, and now older he wants a toy something to pllaywith and make him happy, I hope my prayers come through for him, i'm kinda new to this wholistic medication process.
I went skateboarding, longboarding, learned how to drive an ATV, learned how not to drive an ATV, Crashed my cousin into a ditch, fell over laughing and landed in a bush, found a sweet BB Gun, Did more college shit, Did my random act of kindness for the day, and I miss her so much, my guitar, and the other girl who waltzes in and out of my life i miss her too, but not as much.

Current Music: GORILLAZ Motha-fucker

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Aug. 31st, 2005 08:51 pm BAck in AZ

I'm Back And I just Cleaned out my Car.
Oh My God, Memories, Photos, and dead SUNflowers on the dashboard
That she will never recieve, woe is me, And my Weary Heart.
@ least I told her that I loved her, and will always love her and everything she stands for, that will probably be the only constant in my life,my love for her. everything about her is beauty and She could never hear it enough to realize how true it is. So glad she'll never read this because if she knew how much weight I carried with her every word she might become as Weary of her Breath,
This is Forever, So no matter How long Untill I see Her again I know She Will Smile and Hug Me Like We both know I need. Frustration, Can I say this will Last And Mean It? She said things That I'm not sure she ment and that is what Kills Me I'll Never Forget, What She Said" I just wanna Be Close To You"
And My Cautious Remark " Forever?"
And her head nodding yes, as she Holds me tighter And I respond
"I was Kinda Thinking The same Thing"
Then a Car Drives By.

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: Sparta - Glasshouse Tarot

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Jun. 26th, 2005 11:28 am 2 week's without my lover......

Funny how things play out.
my lover and I embraced the title of boyfriend for the first time in my life and two day's later I have to leave for two weeks.

First stop in los lunas,Nm We stay with my grandma shirley and grandpa john, I wrote a new song and played wit their sheep, threw 2 shoes on the roof and came down with 3 shoes and 1 hat. Ate the best corn bread I've ever eaten in my life and soup to match.
Went to alburquqie, Nm visited my aunt and her family. The kid's left to the park and I rolled a joint and smoked it with 2 of my aunt's, 1 uncle and 1 brother while we talked of the times of old and the future's were creating.
Stayed in oaklahoma city & swam in the pool and remembered how much i love being submerged in the water.
Stayed in nashvill tenn. where my grandpa was hailed by the local veterans as the hero he is
Next stop was kentucky for a couple of day's. we had two conjoined rooms and one was the devil ann hatsfiels suite which was really comfortin after day's in the vehicle.
The pow-wow/festival was Bitchen first day I arrived in the valley I set up the tent and then dissappeared into the forest for a while.
Woke up on the floor in the corner went to the pow-wow and ate way too much food, and steped on the sharpest rock in the world, bought my love a ring, and started my search for a magic wand,
After staying up all night @ the campfire and playing my song for any one who'd listen I awoke to the sight of dense fog from the forest line to the hills. Played in the stream for hour's and ate some mushroom's I had found in my backpack, and once again reclused into the forest for another glimpse @ all the spider webs. Bought a squash rattle and a small drum.
So Another night @ the campfire untill Sunrise I was driving to the hotel and I had to pullover and dryheave after smoking too many cigars.
Met a fellow with a guitar and started jamming with him. he was a pro flute player and he asked me if I wanted to do it again I agreed but after I got some food. While eating said food I hear them announce on the loud speaker that dewane And I are gonna play infront of everyone. the damn arena director had suckered us into it without me knowing.
the show went well for only our second time playing together. he like my style and asked me to play with him @ some wild west festival in whyoming I said I'd try my best but couldn't make any promises, for I have prior arrangements. he siad if i wanted to my travel expenses would be paid and I could even be put on salary as an artist because he was starting some corpooration.

Topeka kansas was Bitchen I spent some time with my twin cousins, we went to their job and I ate the best damn sandwitch with sugar on it i've ever had hand's down, Climbed a tree with a huge spider web in it, fell from the same tree,ate @ the dankest buffer ever, rode a scooter through wall-mart for 20 minutes before I ditched it with some employee, Bought a new CD @ random(idiotPILOT), went camping, Drank a 1/2 a bottle of rasberry twist wodka, Got naked for the full moon that was the summer solstice, got a little poison ivy, Ate more mushrooms, smoked some weed and 1 damn fine rollie, Recorded us jamming with our 2 dejembe's, 1 guitar, 2 moroccas, and 1 squash rattle, and a cicage blues harmonica.
The dawn broke and Mike gave me his harmonica and I gave him a tape I made from wen my sisters basement was my studio. Finished my incubus Cd Collection when the twins gave me the morning View cd.
Stayed in Oaklahoma again, Went to the zoo and I played my harmionica for all the animals but especially for the grizzley bear. ate a the NEW dankest buffet ever. Missed my grandpa's interview on channel 9 news.
Skipped stying in alburquqie and opted to just drive straight home, after we piched up 5 kids in the aforementioned city.
got home,
woke up
went to sonic
and kissed my girlfriend
with 2 week's wort of repressed passion.

Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: Idiot Pilot

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Jun. 10th, 2005 10:32 pm Music makes me happy but, I dont make happy music

Beautyfull morning today
Grandpa did prayers for the trip to kentucky
I started making the monopoly E.P.
It's hard all by my self
I need somebody
Oh, I have somebody Now
her name is amanda
She's cute and cuddlely
oh god glad were not together
we just have casual sex
that's almolst too Casual
I have 10 dallars in stock to pick up
i'm gonna smoke a primetime b4 I put down the vocals
wish I had some schnapps
And Nick
my life is Perfect
I move quicker everytime I relocate
pretty soon I wont even stop at all.
I'll just keep moving, changing, and rearranging

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Jun. 3rd, 2005 03:20 pm I Died Too, But only On the Inside.

I Saved my Rooster from the dogs today.

I plunged by hands into the shadow's

and clapped him like thunder under my hands

Strangely calm Azrael Came with little resistance

When I heard the flaping of of wings in flight,

I looked up for other escapee's .

Only to find the desert Sky was Blackened with excess Crows.

Ominous and Morbid I approached this make-shift prison 

And beheld wittness to The Coop littered with entrails,corpses, and Grim Solace.

I burdened myself with the blame

 I fell Victim to gravity's crushing weight and was brought to an irreverent sinking of teeth in knee's and head in hand.

"Feeding frenzy It's Contageious"

2 Cannibals Conspired as Tears of Forgiveness fell into the Sandy Water Dish

"A Single Spark can Start a Spectral Fire"

Did The Dawn Come Too Soon?


Was The Initial Taste of Blood Proof Enough for Evidence?

If Not I'll Watch The Feeding Frenzy Untill Their Guilty of Gluttony.

And A Half-Assed Creamatory be the Final Resting Place.

I'm Sorry

Please Believe me

If you Can.

 This guilt has been the Death Of me

The Vivisected and I became Fire & Burned,

Now a Grey Phoenix Has Risen From The Ashes.

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